Wing Training a Pointer Puppy

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In this video Trevor shows how we are training our German Wirehair Pointer, Boomer. He is picking it up faster than expected and we look forward to show you his progression!

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mark schuette says:

dog powered fun- best high drive dog exercise rig ever-

Ellie ishida says:

Thos helped my dog with hunting so much thank you…😍😍

Patrick Irish says:

I used treats to get my lab to release say the command and time it so that right when you say it she lets go because she smells/sees a treat, do it 20 times then you can switch to using another toy so you don't make her treat dependent then you're good

shadowhunter springer4life says:

I tried this with my pup and he just keep chasing it any suggestions please

word1ist says:

What you doing this fine if you want to streamline it a little bit maybe make the commands one word but other than that you doing great The best training is just to get him out in the field with an experienced dog and work

Jeremy Lawson says:

Question? I have just got a 12 week old Brittany female that I want to get started. I have ordered the Delmar Smith book but it hasn't got here yet. I have started her off with a quail wing on a rod yesterday and she pointed it twice. any advice is really welcomed!! on where and what to do. thanks for the video 🙂

Amanda C says:

If you still need help with retrieving let me know I can help!

khan o says:

Mine is 10 months old can i train him for hunt or not

ichetucknee Creek kennels says:

Take an old sock and put a bunch of 16 penny nails in it and play fetch with them. It won't hurt on it'll just teach him to not bite down on whatever they're retrieving

George Georges says:

David Voller he has salmon hook on the the wing hooked , didn't know that ??????

Elias Meez says:

At what age did you start training him? Mine is around 10 weeks old. All i can say is that he can easily find a hidden ball and bring it back. However, be mostly likes to play and mainly bite me 😓😬

Bradley Farms and Equine says:

Where did you get Boomer? I’m looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer!

David Voller says:

How did you connect the wing to the fishing rod? I'm assuming you don't wanna use a hook!

Ahmed El Banziqui says:

How is the dog now??

William Kolis says:

Have you done gun training yet so he doesnt go gun shy?

Ricky McMahan says:

This is the best YouTube channel ever 💯 love the amazing content 👍

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