Top 10 Water Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Water Dog Breeds

10. German Shorthaired Pointer
9. Barbet dog
8. Boykin Spaniel
7. Spanish Water Dog
6. Curly Coated Retriever
5. Airedale Terrier
4. Newfoundland
3. American Water Spaniel
2. Irish Water Spaniel
1. Golden Retriever

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Boatwithdogs says:

All of these pups would look great in a boat!!!!

Sam Marshmallow says:

WTF Worst list ever. No Portuguese Water Dog? No Labrador? No Chesapeake??
And dude 1:02 this is Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog. Not a Spanish one

TheShyAppleBandit Youtube says:

Excuse me no english bulldog I know they can't swim but they love water

Ismail Errabbane says:



Russian Spaniel?

Shashwat panday says:

Labrador are also great swimmers So where is lab

301Goldstar says:

Airedale terrier rocks.

agario & dog lover says:

ahhh, if u gonna do this topic, then u need to show us those dogs in the water or swimming, otherwise….. we might think u r providing fake info

hipodog 2008 says:

Where labrador

Arpit Punia says:

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I had a golden retriever dog

You Can't Stop The Scout says:

I expected Labrador and Portuguese Water Dog but neither showed up, I'm truly baffled.

Sarah 123 says:

What?! No Labrador retriever this is fake


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DWC says:

Wahoo Newfoundland 😍

Arjun Kumar says:

plz make video about top 10 best fish catcher dog breed.

imli Lee says:

No Labrador retriever is this a joke

Apenas Mais Uma Pessoa says:

Potuguese water dog

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