Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds:

10. Brittany
9. English Springer Spaniel
8. Spanish Water Dog
7. English Setter
6. Fox terrier
5. Golden Retriever
4. English Beagle
3. Coonhound
2. Labrador retriever
1. German short-haired pointer

This Video Features the song ‘Pinball Spring 160’ from Kevin McLeod (, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.

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Afrø ツ says:

where is coker spaniel

Master Roshi says:

You choice of dogs is homo

Salad Sam says:

Why didn't you show some of the other breeds of hound,like Red bone and Treeing Walker,why just a Blue tick?

MOSKAU says:

6 Fox terrier??? its a Rat terrier

Pavol Šopa says:

slovak kopov.

Archie Fletch says:

I agree with number 1 I've got 2 of them there great but the others are noto the best

Sebastian Diaz says:

The German pointer is the best

BreyerAndHorseGirl says:

Guys just cause she did not put them in there does not mean they are not hunting dogs

Koby Moore says:

where is the daschund?

That one guy in the comments says:

Basset hound have amazing smell and i think are the best for hunting rabbits too

damjan visekruna says:


Mark Underwood says:

Springer spaniel should be higher up on the list then you put them

marie soto says:

A Dachshound is also a hunting breed

chris getz says:

You have put gun dogs , retrieviers, terriers (flushers) and scent hounds in the same list. The outcome is at least retarted. As if it' the same to hunt, woodcock, pheasant, hare and wildboar

Alma Jones says:

What about dachshund?

Flynn Brennan says:

thanks for the device

CTDR33 says:

argentine dogo?

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