These Are 10 Most Fittest Dog Breeds

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Keeping yourself healthy is hard enough. Keeping your dog healthy can be even harder.
Remove some of the work from the equation by owning a dog known to be one of the fittest breeds.
They may not be the easiest dog breeds to own, but they are the fittest.
in this video we present you 10 dog breeds that are known for being fit. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏

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Gaming Stars says:

Dogo argentino?

Leeloominai Schramm says:

Where's the American bulldog

redaelaste says:

no fit dogs list is complete if a pitbull ain't in it

Nicole Scouten says:

You missed Rottweiler and boxer dog

Mehemed Mujkic says:


shankhz 30 says:


arju begum says:

Alaskan malamute??

Bhavisha Gandhi says:

Where are Rajapalayam.

Mari Ango says:

Yorkshire terriers are super fit and they can last a long time working out, with out getting tired.

Damon Behnke says:

If you dont show the dog in the thumb nail your getting thumbs down

Khara bo Gilbert says:

Gsp are the best on this list

Karakkadan's List says:

Native Indian breeds like rajapalayam , chippiparai, kanni have high edurance and strength even though they look skinny….

DJ Owen says:

Dogo Argentino

Brother Word says:

How in the blue hell did the Greyhound not make the cut 💪

John Coigley says:

If I got two of the best breeds Doberman Pinscher which I've had two of never had a sick day in their lives live to be 14 years old pitbull terrier I had one live to be 15 years old never had a sick day in her life the Border Collies and I need a college with long hair they choked to death on their own fur got junk I don't know where you got your information from why I think you should stick your head up your ass and see if you got a fucking brain

DJ Owen says:

He should have included the dogo Argentino… you can't get much more athletic and fit in a dog than this breed!

armando maravilla Ramirez says:

Dood, where are the Doberman, Belgian Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, American Stafordshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Whippet, and Grey hound?

Luh. Imp says:

Who knows the dogs in the thumbnail?

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