The Cocker Spaniel – Pet Dog Documentary

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Cocker Spaniels are dogs belonging to two breeds of the spaniel dog type: the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel, both of which are commonly called simply Cocker Spaniel in their countries of origin. In the early 20th century, Cocker Spaniels also included small hunting Spaniels.
Character: Very lively and exuberant, a tireless and enthusiastic hunter.
Particularity: The Cocker is susceptible to ear infections and its ears must be checked regularly. It is an independent and intelligent dog that will not tolerate teasing by young children.



This is all wrong there are two types of cockers the working cockers and the show type that mostly seen in this vid. All the info is on the working English cockers not the show type.

LPSBritneyXO says:

0:22 This looks just like my baby,but she is darker brown and have blonde on her head. <3

agfi88 says:

I have a blue roan cocker spaniel who I have had since she was 6 weeks old, she just turned 12 last week and is my best friend in the world, I just prey she stays healthy for a while yet

dzik dzikowski says:

Wypierdalaj za brame

GMTgaming says:

British cockers>American Cockers

hamster lover awesome says:

My cocker gets so exited around people even if they are strangers

Jessie Matthews says:


Rh0dan1970 says:

My cocker …when I was young the family got one , a day later he decided he was mine. Shared so much love and joy with that little friend , gone on adventures in fields and bush with him. Years later when my grandmother died the little fellow crawled on to the bed where I was feeling miserable, , put his head on my chest with a deep dog sigh and just let me bawl. Many years later, the same happened , he crawled on my bed, fell asleep with his head on my chest while I cried…cried because of the dog farts. God, why does nobody warn you about crazy spaniels and their killer gas!?

He never forgave me for getting a girldfriend ( 22 years later still my wive ) who was allowed to share my bed , even though she has gas problems as well. Try explaining that to your best friend.

Black was the month I had to put him to sleep. To paraphrase the poet; " if dogs don't go to heaven I want to go where they go when they die"

The Canine Nutritionist says:

Shoulder height: 14 – 15 inches. Weight: 18 – 28 pounds.

thaer neme says:

Check It Out , my Designs, so funny

MACJulia38 Carneiro says:

♥♥♥♥♥♥ lindos

Cerys-Mae Coventry says:

Cockers Rule🐶💯

lalabye lulu says:

Our next cocker spaniel will be a boy who will get the benefit of proper training and socialization so he won't be so neurotic.

Umesh Sharma says:

I have a 4 months female English cocker spaniel but she gets aggressive and start biting and try to snatch sleepers or shoes from me. If I refuse to do so she grips my leg and keep biting on shoe. After that successful attempt she take that shoe and start shaking it by mouth to aggressively like she had hunted a bird. Any idea how to correct that and is it normal in cockers?

Chief Sofa King says:


A Non says:

My cockerspaniel doesn't have her tail docked. She also drives me insane sometimes but I love her so much.

Google+ suck my cock says:

There's NOTHING gentle about cocker spaniels. They can be really agressive and volatile sometimes for really minor things. That's called rage syndrome or something like that

Misa says:

There are lps of a cooker spaniel

Dr_Lynx says:

I don't think my Spaniel likes me 🙁

erwin cornelia says:

I love my Cocker spaniël

Jordyn M says:


ThatbitchIrene.atemycannoli.goddamn g says:

OooMmmGgg look at 3:48. Im sitting on the toilet btw.

Hanifah Joseph says:


Nathen Birch says:

This documentary made me so horrnyyy!

Ashton The American Cocker Spaniel Dog says:

Cool doco. Lovely dogs!

Wgtztwizard says:

I had an English cocker spaniel for 13 years. He had black and fire colors. My family gave it to me to help me overcome a difficult adolescence, marked among others by social incapacity, several serious diseases (with operations) and the death of my father. Sadly, Argos had to leave us, for he was very ill and almost blind. I have to say that he was my friend, my shadow, my partner and an inexhaustible source of joy and unforgettable moments.

If you have heard that the cockers are crazy, do not listen to anyone who says that, because this is a fantastic breed, full of loyal friends and family. It is true that they have character, but in my view, that makes them more interesting, in fact.

For you, my dearest Argos, you saved me from myself and a part of my heart will always belong to you.

Bm138 millar says:

about the tail dock my cocker isn't and if there's light no thick grass he will be gone for ages

Matthew Goddard says:

I had a blue cocker as a kid, timmy. Now i have a red roan thet was dads. Now i look after him as dad passed. Henry is 3 years old and is my little man.

coronel diaz melo says:

ah, not in every documentary can we hear the correct pronounciation of cock and bitches

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