the best english pointers have ever be borned

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english pointers


Cannon1416 says:

Nice video where is Hardy Milord Di Groppo Faunello Von Der Postschwaige Cariddi Del Vento .As for comment on tails going straight up that's only in America just like the electric collar long may they stay there .

ShinkleGunDog says:

Ep tails should go straight up

cyclewithpride says:

English Pointers. My Daisy was the most gentle obedient dog I have ever known and could run for miles and miles. We once did a 22 mile Charity Sponsored Walk together and 3 times we did The 6 Harbor Walk from Portsoy to Buckie, Morayshire, Scotland. She was a great dog.

PertigueiroBR says:

Cães maravilhosos.
A la Chasse!

pointerhellas says:

Thank you Mr. Palmas.!

palmas5678 says:

Excellent photos. I also must pointer beautiful. Congratulations. Greetings from Lima-Perú.

Mr. Palmas.

Glen Buddin says:

Nice video and pictures!

tempest0486 says:

The English Pointer its the beautiful unique looks of running, head in stars and his stops such of Greek scupltures…

Cory Sayre says:

2 of those look like GSP

Varen says:

Questi sono i campioni che hanno dipinto la storia del pointers…..lasciando un ricordo indelebile !!!! complimenti……………………

pointerhellas says:

yes I know … But unfortunately i did not have other photοs…

dt kaan says:

last paintings in the video how can i find these pictures in the net

Spartah3ad says:

TIESTO – Lethal industry

perizepa says:

danke danke muchos good videaki!!!!

Queeny the english pointer says:

gracia thanks

MALIBOX1 says:

poli kalo.
pio kommati einai i ypokrousi?

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