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Once I found a breeder close to me, if you consider a ten hour drive close, I knew I had to get this video done. Brenda Negri of Cinco Deseos Ranch, in Winnemucca, NV is a committed custodian of the Spanish Mastiff and other Livestock Guardian Breeds. In addition to the Spanish Mastiff she also currently owns Pyrenean Mastiffs and Great Pyrenees. Look for videos on those breeds coming soon.


Brenda Negri says:

I encourage people to listen to Zeke's other video too:



cucurbitfan says:

Do they thrive in a cold environment, New England?

Neltor1 says:

I have a Spanish mastiif

Amateur Vegan says:

I thought Spanish mastiff was presa canario?

Diego Sebastián Pérez says:

It's Argonne señora, not Oregon.

kampac says:

When she said protection from killer vultures I pissed myself. The fact vultures are nature's cleaners and rarely kill or attack :).

Martin Sauceda says:

Why you fucking gringos think that you know how pronounce spañish or Latin nation dogs names you said so ridiculously, like this black caney Corso is cane Corso stupid mother rocker caney Corso o i hoy caney Corso is cane Corso cane cane,cane,cane dumb motherfuckers

Joel Silva says:

Quite similar to the Rafeiro Alentejano.

LordFarguartPPP says:

I have to add I´ve seen one on my own, and it surprised me how not domestic they are. I have never seeen more "wild instinct" in a dog before. The one I saw was a male (biggest dog I´ve ever seen) and had full control of the rancho where at night used to wander around the house in alert mode. In the video it is said they are not agressive, but man they are territorial! I saw him fight another mastiff from another rancho and it was like two lions, the wildest fight I have seen.

charles wooley says:

Holy crap 12-15 of those things! Thats like 3000 lbs of canine right there!

harvey dog says:

"Jiant vultures" she means teradactols

Tom Keppler says:

Her dogs are not working dogs

Tom Keppler says:

There hips look terrible

Tom Keppler says:

Wtf is wrong with this lady. Why do you not remove there rear dew claws ridiculous

Alex Tran says:

I love n overly aggressive dog… I dont want people to get to know my dog

Alex Tran says:

Pressa are the choice…. who the fuck want s a 200lb do? Do u realize how much shit that is? A 100 lbs pressa can take down a 200 pound wolf…

Alex Tran says:

If u own Pressa.. all other dogs mean nothing… a true guardian w a pit bulls strength but none of it's stupidid

Alex Tran says:

I have pressa Canarios ….wnd of story

Alex Tran says:

get ur shit together lady u stutter and faulted in ur speech…magnificent breed represented poorly by its narrator2

JoseloPezoa says:

the largest??i had no idea,quede confuso,mucha informacion,mi perro es el mas largest,un dia quiero tener mas asi pero en mi pais natal la gente mala envenena a estos hermosos perros.

Ilias Rigalos says:

Do something about the Molossus of Epirus

Mopar 70 says:

I own a Mastin called Santos. He will be 12 in february. Best dog companion I ever had. 200 pounds of pure love.

Germán Rivas says:

Well she is spreading a lot of misconceptions about Spanish wolves or European vultures.

Bonucci Kim says:

Are they okay for apartments?

Stacey Walker says:

I really have nothing against breeders like this lady…….who seem to really care for an love the breed an her own dogs. Its the ones who are breeding at very fast pace an getting as many out of their girl dogs as they can…then making goads of $$$$. I know in Spain dogs are turned loose, shot, tied in middle of no where, killed, etc after they are of NO use any longer. Too bad there weren't only breeders like this…..but 99% are NOT!! Viktor Larkhill rescues lots of Spanish dogs…..Lindasgreekies, The orphan pet, Animal rescue corps, Animal aid unlimited an these are some of most inspiring, heart, gut wrenching stories that will make you feel and cry. 'I did sub too….learning alot about what a good breeder is and does.

Brooklyn Pantojas says:

I had one growing up and they are one of the old and rare top protection dog's from Spain trust you don't want to be a stranger and up facing one of these dog's u are fucking done

Mrs. Garcia says:

I'm in love with how calm these guys are. Alas I have caviar taste and a pbj budget so I'll just love from afar. 😂❤

Jack Sparrow says:

Great dogs but unfortunately it looks as they are going to end up like Neapolitan mastiffs. So called "show lines" is a cancer of all dog breeds.

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