Spanish Dog Breeds (25)

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1.Alano Español
2.Andalusian Hound
3.Basque Shepherd dog
4.Burgos Pointer
5.Carea Leonés
6.Catalan Sheepdog
7.Dogo Mallorquín
8.Galician Shepherd dog
9.Garafian Shepherd
10.Gos Rater Valencià
11.Ibizan Hound
12.Majorca Ratter
13.Majorca Shepherd dog
15.Pachón Navarro
16.Podenco Canario
17.Presa canario
18.Pyrenean Mastiff
19.Ratonero bodeguero andaluz
20.Spanish Greyhound
21.Spanish hound
22.Spanish Mastiff
23.Spanish water dog
24.Valencian Podenco
25.Villano de las Encartaciones


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