Sierra the Cupcake eating German Shorthair Pointer

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Sierra is a one year old German Shorthair Pointer, turns out that she loves cupcakes. We found this out the hard way and could not figure out who had eaten about a dozen of the freshly made cupcakes, so we set up our cupcake cam. Turns out that we caught the cupcake loving GSP in the act, in this video, she manages to eat 5 cupcakes in a few minutes….


Jimmie McCarthy says:

I have thee GSP,s total counter surfers!

zentwii says:

sneak 100

ptanyuh says:

The last two are the best. My brother's dog, a rescue, taught them the hard way that he likes to steal food too…. I hope this isn't a regular thing though 😉

Christof Classen says:

This Video is Fake, because you staged it !

OB1 says:

cute, but the first thing i noticed is the paper cases haven't been removed! im wondering if he/she eats them or somehow managages to manouver around in its mouth and spit it out, i do this when eating dates and im sure a dog coult too and you find emptay cases around hte place haha, but best not to leave food around at doggy level with undigestable cases or what ever still on

TumpyFunket says:

"How nice that they made these treats for me! I wonder why they put them so high up, though?"

Peter Marton says:

if you know and filming your naughty dog pinching the cupcakes. why you not taking the baking paper of you dumb fuck

Nathan Wagner says:

You should really change the video's title. Sierra isn't a cupcake eating a GSP.

Autumn Oaks Farm says:

Love that video and train and raise GSPs and this is not an uncommon occurrence. 😉 I had one many years ago that would do drive by pizza slice snatch and grab. Important to this video and while cup cakes are not harmful other foods can be. Mark thanks for sharing.

Bob Smith says:

Five minutes?  Watch the clock on the wall.

Lunar Gem says:

This is funny!

M. M says:

very funny, next he'll steal your car n credit card 2 go 2 pet store to buy doggy bones!!😍😍😍😍😍

Gary Vick says:

say "Bad Dog"… watch the guilt.

Janeway1269 says:

I love that you have a sense of humor about all this. She's irresistable.

Mr1987Joe says:

You sneaky little shit! LOL! I love how he looked to make sure nobody was watching him!

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