Pointer – English Pointer Dog

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Pointer Hunting Dog – English Pointer Dog by the Arizona Game and Fish Department http://www.azgfd.gov/video


ziad777h says:

nice, but he put too much grab around the dogs nick.

Robble Ex says:

That is arabian pointer from Mexico , not English or German . Best pointer from Libya , worst from Milton Keynes

jjbinderr says:

Guy needs to relax on that leash…

Kostas G says:

Thtas English pointer..what you say has non importance..and ..is not for you..is for hunters……you seem …another think..let say fast food man

Mr13borf says:

@headway2 Did you write when you were drunk? We do call them English pointers. And we call dogs German Shorthair Pointers, German Wire Hair Pointers, Brittanys, etc. A Pointer is still a Pointer, though. Lay off the pints, mate, and read between the lines.

Axilleas Giappos says:

check out my English Pointers (Champions in field trials and beauty shows)

COKE75 says:

Besides that is an european English Pointer.
The american English pointers are pretty different.Nice dogs both of them.
Thanks for the video.

flunker911 says:

it is still called english pointer dummbass

sombat sivvy says:

Why don't you call them English pointers in Amereica anymore??? So a german pointer which is very different to the English also just gets called a pointer. Wow thtsa pretty strange. Therev are dozens of pointer breeds and the English is still English right?

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