Pit bull vs German Shorthaired Pointer Tug-a-war

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McKenzie (ten years) and Emma (eight months) tug a war. Who wins?


iamcamaro says:

I have a 1 year old GSP boy and an 8 year pitbull girl. They can play tug of war forever. Drag one another around and chase. GSP loves teasing the Pit like a little annoying brother would. Tons of fun between them.

Barry Smith says:

As a GSP owner, that’s an easy bet. The Pit has more weight and, size advantage however, the GSP is more determined as a breed and, typically will be relentless once they are dead set on getting something.

dchstrack says:

GSP might be the most athletic dog breed on the planet. I wouldn't underestimate one. I once saw one get shot and continue to hunt for an hour until someone noticed. I've seen them dive into freezing lakes to get birds. Dogs don't come much tougher or faster.

Ronan O'Boyle says:

We have two rescue bitches Gaps and when they get an end each of a toy it's stalemate! 😁 great dogs which need EXERCISE!!!!

John Critch says:

Black Serrena you lucked out. She will outwork outrun outlove until the day she dies.

Garth Downton says:

I am surprised that the GSH can hold on . That is a big pit !! Pits have such strong neck muscles and bitting force.

Tony Taylor says:

litterly if usan bolt was a dog probably be a gsp

Tony Taylor says:

my perants pointer would beat that one at tug of war he a beast biggest one in the litter of the pups yeh once they clamp on to something can't get it off them litterly lock there neck and back rear legs down lol 😂 he a nutter flash is he runs into you sometimes made me flip over lol 😂 he similar built to a doberman I say same height as one aswell

Jay Tronic says:

GSP outsmarted the dumb pit!

Felixmima says:

That's the thing about pointers they don't give up and can hold double their weight

indelebilis says:

pitbulls are like fitness guys, strong but no stamina and no brains.

sweetsweatyfeet says:

Patience for the win.

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