Oli Dogs Rescue – Torby pointer x enjoying his walks, great off the lead, still looking for home

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In Spain, hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed every year due to abandonement & lack of sterilisation & chipping.
Many will end up in ‘perrera’s, spanish for kennels – sounds ok but in reality many of these places a full of abuse & maltreatment – beating, starvation, disease, over-crowding that leads to fights, dogs are killed by other dogs, die of disease or slow starvation & sometimes even canabilism.
One such place was Olivenza Perrera, on the border of Spain and Portugal. For 4 years our rescue group has taken out as many dogs as we could – approx 1,250 adult dogs and nearly 100 puppies have been saved, assessed, treated by the vet & prepared with neutering, blood tests and full vaccinations for well chosen and verified homes. Dogs are settled in Sapin, POrtugal, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, UK, America, Costa Rica, South Africa.
Eevry dog deserves a good home – help us home the last of the Oli Dogs with a small donation towards dogs costs before adoption. Paypal: dogstohomes@gmail.com Each dog helped will appreciate your caring in action for the rest of their good new lives.


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