My German Shorthair Pointer Axel going Crazy (2).MOV

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My 11 week old GSP puppy Axel going crazy on the sofa in our office……. ­čÖé


Skeleton Lemonade says:

"maybe if i keep digging i'll find a new owner."

Valdo DelReal says:

Where did you get him!!?

chanctonbury63 says:

A good long run outside will sort that out. They need a lot of exercise.

Bryce Gipple says:

He's so cute!

jerber7139 says:

my dog is that type and like that

Carson k says:

When you say his name you make it sound like asshole lol.

Bill Milosz says:

He's looking for money, so he can buy some bratwurst.

Rey D_SCAL says:

More of axel now!!!

Mel Vegas says:

Lol. This is just like my GSP mix. He digs into all couches.

Brian says:

cool dog. i have a GSP named Axel to and at 9 years old still has more energy than dogs half his age. He runs and swims 'til the cows come home and I hope it never stops ­čÖé Amazing dogs for the active outdoorsy type.

real truth says:

there is a mouse in there bud that noses knows there is an animal in there you better look

Garth Downton says:

He is just bored !

Jon Murgatroyd says:


detonatorjd says:

"See, this couch took my damn tennis ball and I want it back, I want it back right now!!!"

TumpyFunket says:

He's keeping the tigers from hiding in the couch. Well- have you ever found a tiger in there? No? See- he's successfully keeping them out!

Dr. Jones says:

Of course, he's clicker trained to attack the sofa.

Liz Lynch says:

My GSP used to do this with the couch as a puppy too.

Alexis Horn's Channel!!!! says:

I have a German short haired puppy his name is Riley and he is a maniac but we still love him so much!

lika lortkipanidze says:

­čĺô­čĺô­čĺôso cute

Patricia McCoy says:

He is adorable- can you put him on Instagram?

Patricia McCoy says:

Never have to worry about bad guys hiding in that couch lol! Could he train as a professional sniffer dog? Like for law enforcement?

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