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Molly is a German Short Hair Pointer – A Pigeon Launcher is being used to Steady her On Point. Molly Increased her time On Point each time a pigeon was launched. Perfection Bird Dog Training – Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D., Animal Behavioral Specialist –


Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D. says:

I received this letter from Tanner Lay who is the owner of Molly in this video:

"Dr. Dale Hubbard
Perfection Bird Dog Training

Dear Dale,
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and Molly. She has come a long way from when I first dropped her off with you. From the start of the process, you always keep in touch with me and kept me updated on the progress she was making. I enjoyed looking at the videos you send of her during training. I knew she would be great and you brought out the best in her. She is by far the best dog I have ever had and the best I have ever seen thanks to you. I also appreciate that you keep in touch, calling and asking how she is doing. I have told friends and people I have met you and the training you offer. I would recommend you to anyone who is considering having their dog trained. I look forward to hunting with Molly this season, I know she will excel. As soon as I get another dog, I'll be giving you a call. Thank you so much for all the help and all the time you spent with us.

Thank you,

Tanner Lay"

Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D. says:

I received this recommendation letter today from one of my clients that I am providing long distance consultation/training for his German Short Hair Pointer:

February 25th, 2018

To all current/future birddog owners,

So, you know you want a birddog, but you don’t know where to start? Great! We are on the same page, and you are in the right place. Before you can fully understand the position in which I am writing this letter, you must know a bit of our birddog history. Six months prior to writing this letter I was embarking on my first pheasant hunt over a well-trained group of pups in South Dakota. Hunting over a pointer that was steady to shot and retrieved to hand was unlike anything I had ever experienced. From that moment forward, probably much like yourself, I was in love and HAD to find myself the perfect hunting buddy. After extensive research and a few waiting lists, we found ourselves bringing home a great South Dakota German Shorthaired Pointer with great looks and a clumsy, yet business-like demeanor. Like most of you are experiencing, there is a moment after committing to taking home a new pup where the “this just got real” feeling sinks in. All of a sudden you need to figure out a few minor (heavy sarcasm) details. The choice to bring home a pure bred hunting dog comes with great responsibility to train said puppy, and right now you are contemplating a few.

A) Pay a few thousand bucks and ship your pup off to a kennel to get started or finished.

B) Just wing it. Don’t research much, and think that every dog just has the pure “instinct” to be a great birddog (probably not you if you’re reading this).

C) YouTube: there are lots of instructions on YouTube to help you with every behavior your pup will need (unfortunately, not in the correct chronological order).

D) Seek long-distance consulting to get the satisfaction/pride of self-training your pup with the personal guidance of a professional trainer at a much more modest price than “A,” plus experiencing the puppy phase.

My initial instinct was to chooseplan A, not deal with the process, and receive a well-trained dog. However, this was going to cost a considerable amount of money, missed quality time with our new pup/family member, and loss of control and intimacy in our pup’s training. Plan “B” was never an option due to our personalities. Two months prior to picking up Oakley I had settled on “C.” After extensive research on YouTube I knew that I wanted to train our pup through positive reinforcement. There are several people and organizations represented on YouTube practicing positive reinforcement, but I needed more than a scattered videos; I needed organization and direction. Queue Dr. Dale Hubbard. From the moment I saw Doc in his videos, his passion-fueled, positive reinforcement approach to birddog training was clearly evident, and never failed to remain consistent. After realizing this I decided to reach out to him. I was hoping for a few answers and advice, and to my surprise he offered so much more. He offered his help and support through the entire training process. To date,Doc has been available for one on one conversations at anytime, has returned emails promptly, and has given direct and positive feedback to training videos. I stumbled across a great opportunity when I called Doc desperately seeking guidance, and he, without thinking twice, offered his assistance. I couldn’t recommend a better coach and mentor to get your new puppy ready to hunt perfectly.

Happy hunting,

Jake, Meredith Ellis and Oakley

Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D. says:

Wesley Guin wrote: ‎Wesley Guin‎ to Waymon Hubbard
"If you have a bird dog that you want trained, I highly recommend Dr Dale Hubbard. Owner of Positive Gun Dog Training. I have seen his work and he does a fantastic professional job. You will be well pleased! I can’t wait to get my puppies to him."

Howie vue says:

Love how you train your pointer. About to use some of your method

Resqpointr says:

Well done Dale. I do the same drill. Some dogs pick up on it quickly, some take a little longer. But they all understand without undue pressure.

keep up the good videos!

Tanner Lay says:

She is doing fantastic! Great progress and I cannot wait to see the end results. Thanks Dale!

Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D. says:

Good example of how positive reinforcement from the scent of the bird maintains a Stay On Point. On the other hand, the dog associates movement with the bird going away, reinforces staying longer on the bird the next opportunity. These three pigeons were launched within 20 minutes of each other.

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