Mollie – German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy – 3 Week Residential Dog Training

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Meet Mollie, a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy who came to us because of severe play biting, jumping and not responding to commands. – Trained by Head Instructors Jenny Trigg and Mike Newland.


Patricia McCoy says:

What a well behaved pointer. Thank you for sharing.

NOC1TIME says:

We have Deiter 3 month old GSP puppy. He is doing as expected. I am working with him as best as possible. My Working 12 hr days is putting cramp on that as far as time spent and quality.
We are having the same issues as Mollie. I am amazed at the retention level these dogs have when you train them. I was happy at 3 months with the less than sought retention level of his training. Feeling to expect more with his age was unrealistic. Deiter will be a family dog and will be trained on upland birds.. Where are you guys ? I would like to consider your residential dog training.

The Working Canine says:


Vague rhythm says:

What's the name if song?

Jade J says:

How did you get Mollie to stay with distractions? 😊

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