Meet the German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies and their Breeder

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Meet dog breeder Cathy Iacopelli and her German Shorthaired Pointers. Learn why it’s important to keep this breed busy, the importance of health testing, and meet an extremely cute litter of GSP puppies!

Learn more about the German Shorthaired Pointer at

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ozgur senturk says:

Can I put my GSP on a vegetarian diet? 🤔

Marcus Oakes says:

My GSP is the one thing I didn’t know I was missing in my life! Wonderful loving animals… better yet family care takers!

Dan Angeles says:

I’m a real distance runner. Not a hobby jogger. I run up to 80-85 miles a week. Can these dogs run up to 12 miles at a time at a steady pace of 8.5mph? And how many weekly miles could they build up to?

السباقات الوطنية says:

German Shorthaired LOVE

Rocks Corner says:

Not 'destroying' the house! It's called 'redecorating' German short hair style. Lol

Bud Savoie says:

I got my first GSP in 1972 and have had a long series of them.  All of my children were raised with GSPs, and we can't say enough good things about them.  Besides the talents you named, less known are their police and Army work, guide dog for the blind work, guard and attack work, hound (rabbit, coon, et alii) work, hospital visitations, and more that I can't think of at the moment.  Although one veterinarian wrote that they are difficult to train, I have found the reverse to be true.  My first dog received a third place ribbon in obedience first time she tried, and after that never got anything less than a first place, sometimes garnering first in show (the credit I give to her, not myself), and was mentioned in Dog World Magazine.  They are devoted to their family and love children, although they can be reserved with strangers.  Just be sure that they get plenty of exercise.  Oh yes–mine were great with horses and loved to run along as my wife and I went trail riding.

Anthony Solorzano says:

That's awesome. I was really just worried about having a lots of hair on the couch and other things

Anthony Solorzano says:

How bad is the shedding for this breed?

Carmen Pinto says:

I love my GSP , she has 15 years old and keeps being so energetic <3

Troy Power says:

Right now I have a German Wireharied Pointer, my first two dogs were Shorthairs…Fantastic breed, both GSP's and GWP's. I'm up every morning at 530am and go biking with my GWP, that keeps him in top shape…Great video and good advice, exercise and training make these pointers one of the best well rounded breeds. As for all the tail docking comments, suggest you read up on the breed, there is a reason for it and the breed should remain true to its original intent, no harm to the dog and should be allowed all over the world. Hopefully the USA continues to allow docking, those that represent the breed through responsible management and ownership should be making those decisions, not observers that interpret with no understanding.

Daniel Salm says:

I love my GSP Ruger. He is my adorable nightmare at times. But he is my best friend all other times.

Crybaby Puppy says:

I'm getting a puppy short hair I'm going to train it to high five me ^_^

Patricia McCoy says:

Thank you. You probably know about the GSP CJ that won Best in Show at Westminster for 2016. I am growing to like this dog as I do Weimaraners and Vizslas. Please post more videos. Do GSPs, Weims and Vizslas get along? Can they be raised together? In such a case, which should be male or female?

wasgeht dichdasan says:

our shorthair is a fucking royal 😀 and he work like a royal but I love him 😀

Rauni Turner says:

i have a German short-haired pointer named Gunther.

GSPRescue NewMexico says:

Nice video Cathy! Thanks for sharing info on the best breed ever! ~ Clare

Gracy and Mackenzie says:

I have a German shorthaired pointer to her name is ava

cbrstunter24 says:

Gorgeous dogs

Stephen Brault says:

I have one of Cathy's puppy's, I highly recommend her as a breeder.

Jolanta Poland says:

Where are their teils, please?!

Li Whybrow says:

Great movie. I have a 6 year old GSP. This makes me want to get a youngster to add to the clan! GSP breed is a great dog to have so long as you don't intend to leave it alone. Do you feed prepared dog food or raw meat? I'd like to feed mine more unprocessed foods and was thinking about more raw meat. Do you know if there are any considerations about switching to a raw diet for a dog of 6?

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