Majorero dog (Bardino Majorero) Dog Breed

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The Majorero dog (or Bardino Majorero) is a Spanish breed of dog, originally from the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, where he is referred to in popular form as Dog Bardino. Currently, It is a race dog is in danger of extinction. Traditionally, It has been used as a cattle dog and especially as a watchdog.
The first cattle dogs arrived in Fuerteventura with the conquerors of Spain, along with cattle beef, sheep and horse year 1404. Various historical references attest to this origin. Cattle dogs, Dam dogs, perdigueros dogs, the podencos, and other races, they were introduced in the Canary Islands as they were conquered and colonized by Spain.

Since the early days of colonization, in the agreements of the Cabildos of Betancuria (Fuerteventura) and Tenerife refers repeatedly to “cattle dogs”, “dogs of prey”, “perdigueros dogs”, and the “hunting dogs”.
In 1979, held in Gran Tarajal, in the municipality of Tuineje, the first monograph of the race bringing together farmers, experts and judges, being the beginning of the process for the recognition of the breed by the Royal Canine society of Spain, Thanks to the work of recovery and dissemination of the race by the protective society of Bardino (S.P.B.) Fuerteventura Island.


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