Jethro The German Shorthaired Pointer – “My First Three Years”

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Had to redo the original movie due to technical reasons. Have updated this one a bit.
This is a look at the first three years of the life of Jethro The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). He is the most awesome dog around!
Jethro is about to turn 4 next month and now has a new brother, 11 month old Oliver the GSP!
They get along great and have all sorts of adventures together.
Hope you enjoy the video!

Back ground royalty free music is: “Sovereign” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″”


Andrew Kelly says:

You guys ever have issues with digging? I have a GSP about a year and he digs crater size holes in minutes if left in the yard unattended.

Michelle Mika Jarnagin says:

Such a beautiful video. My boy is 14 months, INKA. Oh boy, we still have bunch of training to do! He is such a love and such a stunning creature to look at, I can't imagine having any other dog. Wish I could breed him.

Carol Alho says:

They are the best….lost ours almost a year ago

ludoctavia says:

We had a beautiful female GSP from 2003 until she died in my husbands arms in July 2016….Although we still have 3 other dogs I miss her everyday. I have had many dogs and many breeds but I have to say that German Shorthaired Pointers are the best dogs every. She is buried in on our land and I visit her every week…

Garth Downton says:

I always enjoy watching a great dog !

Liza M says:

My German short haired pointer akim passed away 1 weak ago and it was very sad we miss him very much. But we got a German short haired pointer puppy and we are a happy but still miss akim our beloved dog.

Flavius Nita says:

My GSP fought back on a badger who attacked me! And chased him away… I love it! She is Kira and is 2 Years old! Most energetic dogs!

Stuart McMichael says:

Loved the video, I have two female GSP's Mercedes and Lexi from the same breeder but 2 years apart. They have brought great happiness into my life, and although we don't have any children they are our babies. Total unconditional love from them. Best breed ever.

Giovanni Spatola says:

How old was he when u got him

Isabel says:

I'm adopting one of them this month, so exited! I love pups!

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