Husky Shepherd Accused Of Fighting Dirty By German Shorthaired Pointer At Dog Park

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Husky Shepherd Accused Of Fighting Dirty By German Shorthaired Pointer At Dog Park


Keith Bates says:

Bodhi and the Huskey German having fun, glad to hear Bodhi's Dad telling Bodhi to let go. Good job in watching them play. Joan Bates

Dyan says:

Bodhi was saying to dad "c'mon dad!! You told me off! He did it too 😲". Funny boy !! It is good though how they signal to each other "ow ! That hurt" and then the buddies trot off to have a drink and settle down. Bodhi getting the comfy seat to enjoy the rest ☺. Hugs and belly scratches for your sweet boy for bringing such moments of enjoyment into our lives πŸΎπŸ–€

sleddog8 says:

Those two seem to be turning into best buddies at the park. Well matched sparring partners.

Marco Garcia says:

Joke, Bodhi always the super aggressive dog in every video. Now I don’t think anything was dirty but IF you had to pick, it’s clearly Bodhi. I’m just a neutral observer from Colorado.

Lorna Mackenzie says:

Bodhi was enjoying wrestling with the Husky Shepherd. Was that Bodhi giving a little cry ? The sun was blocking the vision at that point. Bodhi would forget all about it anyway. He is a happy dog. πŸΆπŸ’™

Jody Aikens says:

I didn't see no dirty fighting 😜

Julie Bartolotto says:

Looks like the German Shepherd and Bodhi had a lot of fun playing together!! But Bodhi needs to learn to play fair!! Nobody likes a cheater!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹

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