Hunting Sambar with German wirehaired pointer

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Just a vid of my young wire hair pointer while out stalking.


Sile H says:

what should eat a 4 month old german pointer

Ed noyb says:

I have never deer hunted with dogs.  In U.S. it is not legal.  Wire hairs are fantastic upland bird dogs though, great family dogs, water dogs, pointers, and retrievers.

Ed noyb says:

Your dog looks more like a short haired pointer.  Maybe it is a mix.   I had a purebred wire haired and my buddies short haired nailed her and I then had 10 mixed breed puppies.  I kept 2 and they turned out to be the best hunting dogs I have ever been around.  They taught themselves by watching their mom.

TheManWithTwoGun*s says:

Cheers Tony, and will do! all your help in all other forums and magazines have really helped me a lot in getting her to do it right from the start.
Just like to say thanks…

Twobolts1 says:

Keep at it lad a good start. Keep working her into the wind so she gets her head up off the ground a bit more. Cheers Tony

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