GSP puppy Basic Obedience

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puppy learning the basics of “place” and down using a diverse array of training methods.


john wlson says:

seen it all now

Rey D_SCAL says:

What do you use for the treats. ?

Raven Gtz says:

I want a gsp so bad, but I haven't been able to find any breeders in my area, so I just compensate by watching videos of other people's gsp lol

Todd Staege says:

This guy is a idiot, these dogs are so smart no need to use a clicker or e collar.

Lisbet Soda says:

Great video. I really like your gentle training philosophy. It is amazing how many people are "experts" and love giving you unsolicited advice.

Patricia McCoy says:

Such a good teacher and very kind. They know that you love them. Merry Christmas and thank you.

zepe r says:

Hi nice video, doe's your dog stay in your home or yard. Because i just got a 4month pup pointer and i am afraid he might destroy the back yard if i let him loose

Greg Martin says:

you and your food and clicker STOP DOING THIS all dogs respound to love more than food this is wrong do not do this

Berto Cortez says:

I have a question about this breed. I want to get a gsp but I want a brown liver roan one. All I see in puppies are light brown liver roan color, as I stated I want my dark liver roan brown, does the color get darker as they grow? Please let me know.

Henry Wilson says:

I really want a GSP as both a hunter and a family companion/watch dog. I think they are absolutely beautiful, but I keep hearing about their energy and how they require a ton of exercise requirements. How much attention or play do they need to not become destructive?

High energy and destructive behavior are the only things making me consider a lab over one of these guys. Any input is welcome.

Emily Palmer says:

Aw, he's a lanky lil guy.

Patricia McCoy says:

The puppy is the cutest little thing- I adore wagging tails! Best of everything with the training – hugs again to the puppy!

jopiejoy says:

why an e collar?absolutely unnessacary, use your patience and your head.

NOC1TIME says:

Interesting that the other dogs are not all that distracting to the puppy. Of course focused on a treat.
I am going to give this a try.

Syamala Krishnamsetty says:

Just a warning about clicker training for GSPs. I clicker trained my brilliant GSP puppy. One day when he was around 7 months he watched me cook and learned that whenever I turn on the gas stove, there's a clicking sound as it lights. Lo and behold, somehow with a bit of experimenting and watching me he figured out how to hop up and turn the knob until it clicked, and then turn to me and wait for his treat, lol. Now sometimes I'll just be sitting in the family room and hear the stove turn on, and see him sitting there waiting for his treat because a treat always follows a click. Because of this, and because he's a great jumper who can get onto counters and open cabinets and look for food, I had to install an entire new door to my kitchen.

GSPs are the best. So worth it.

Lathen Loibl says:

this bloke has no idea!

Traci Stein says:

What are you giving for treats?

Sondra Dankert says:

This is not positive reinforcement training. Using e-collars and pinch collars don't train a dog. The e-collar can be extremely dangerous on a puppy this young. 

Todd Livingston says:

How old is he here, im picking my pup up tonight hes 12 weeks. was wondering which way would be the best, hes my first pup and i would like to make the most of his training, is the clicker necessary? and how does it help the pup?

Bing's Ballyhoo says:

Are you beginning pressure work after the pup knows the command for sure, or during the teaching phase?

Jo Sa says:

Is this guy feeding him or training him, i never  ever used treats to train my dogs. A pat on the head and a good boy is all it takes.

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