German shorthaired pointers – first visit to a breeders

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After doing our homework we decided to visit a local German shorthaired pointer breeder.

Finding a reputable, CKC registered kennel was easy with the internet and the following weekend we booked a road trip to beautiful Prince Edward Island to meet Lori and Rodney the owners of Breezy creek kennel.

They welcomed us into their home and spent hours with us meeting the dogs. We played for about 2 hours outside and then headed inside for coffee and puppy stories.

No surprise the GSPs (German shorthaired pointers) were energetic and well mannered. Inside for the most part calmed easily and laid around like giant teddy bears.

With all our hearts we say thank you to Lori and Rodney for taking the time to introduce us to this wonderful breed and for sharing their family and stories for the day.

Dave & Jo-elle Sullivan


Ronan O'Boyle says:

we have two rescue GSPs give them exercise and love and they do become you're proper best buddies – how some people can abandon or worse abuse these animals is beyond me.

Phantim3dx says:

that black lab is hilarious!

Troy Power says:

Fantastic breed, have been lucky enough to have two GSP's, highly intelligent, loyal, affectionate and really a lot of fun….best dog to have an active lifestyle with. Have a german wirehair currently, also a great breed.

Patricia McCoy says:

Thank you. The dogs are lovely.

soheil nazmi says:

I like pointer😘😘

David A.A. Sullivan says:

This was so long ago, I can't believe I have never updated my comments. To my surprise Jo-elle fell in love with the older GSP Morgan and after a short while Morgan came to live with us. So now we are her forever home. I can't imagine life without her. That wet nose waking me at 5am for pee time or feeding. The sketchy looks everyday when she first realizes it's me coming home from work and not to mention the TAIL oh that wiggling tail and the funny tongue. We love to cuddle and go for bike rides. A true blessing in our lives, we  love you Morgan!

Ray Ber says:

hooo la la la.des amours

Jeff Nahass says:

GSPs are great dogs.  Most breeders breed them to hunt and temperament.  They are not a Labrador!!  Do not expect them to act like a Labrador.  You have to understand their activity level and demeanor. If you want a house pet, go to a local GSP rescue.  

Mo Jo says:

I Will Never Adopt a "Pure-bred" dog while Shelter-Dogs Languish! But I Will Always Tend towards GSP/Mixes! 

Mo Jo says:

Giant ears, Giant tongues, & Giant Hearts! GSP's are RAD! 

John Walzcak says:

I'm looking for a good German shorthair do you have any puppies or going to have please contact me at PS love your videos

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