German shorthaired pointer’s first snow

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After a huge snowstorm, my two-year-old GSP can’t wait to run outside.

Music by bensound.


Rebecca Lakoduk says:

I have one and mine is trained and doesn’t need a shock collar

Rebecca Lakoduk says:

Poor baby! Shock collars aren’t the answer!

Christopher King says:

Holy cow you're not going to believe this… at the very end of my snow movie watch for Livi's little bro…. same as yours!

Jeffrey Nealon says:

You can't train a dog without an ecollar then you don't deserve a dog

mountainsnurse says:

What a beautiful, intelligent dog! As an animal lover, it is just amazing to view how other people raise, train, and love their pups! Thank you for sharing…S

Carlene Boulden says:

Pretty dog! (:

Keegan Brown Plays Roblox! says:

So cute!!!!! I have one

Alice Darque says:

just lovely! i have an english pointer pup and this came down my feed. she hasnt experenced snow, yet…strangely, this makes me reminisce my Australian Shepherd and his love for the snow…he absolutely loved it…miss that dog to pieces.

real truth says:

poor dog has to wear that stupid green thing. i had one that i got this real hugging suit for my shorthair i had to leave her in the car for a couple of hours it was a tough job getting it on her and it was about 10 degrees out with other cloths in the car to stay warm and you know what she got that nice body suit off without ripping it sitting there without it. those dogs do not need that suit trust me the dog does not need that she was happy sitting there with nothing on.

Brian Mcnamara says:

annoying soundtrac

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