German Shorthaired Pointer wake up routine

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Each day Shafer awakens Erin with a cold nose.


E. Pontiki says:

I want a dog so badly

lukemn29 says:

Tail goes waggy waggy

Don G says:

OMg that is so cute!!!

Morganna says:

Haha, there's no better wake-up call than a dog trying to eat your face at 6am. Lol :p

grimlund says:

You surely could have worse awakening in the morning then that.

Arizona Bird Dog Rescue says:

haha, so does my female GSP!

haydn4ever says:

how adorable!! How old?

rachee36 says:

My mum used to do that 2 me with our GSP to wake me up when i was younger!!! Sometimes i wud wake up with her just sitting on top of me & liciking my face!!! I love GSP!!!

tinythechick says:

aw, my name is erin too, and i have two GSPs!

czarcasm420 says:

my gsp jumps on my bed, slaps my face, and runs away. thats his wake up routine..

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