German Shorthaired Pointer spots a Squirrel

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Beautiful 3 year old GSP spots a squirrel. [3:36] for the beginning of the real action.


cinnamongirl3121 says:

She's gorgeous and just like others in her breed, she's magnificent. GSP are the most amazing dogs and one of my three favorites.

Raven Gtz says:

That is a beautiful dog, I've been searching for gsp breeders in my area, I truly admire these dogs

blugularis says:

so patient, so anxious, looks like he is ready to blow a spring at the end

Denise Salles says:

Gorgeous dog! I too have a b&w ticked GSP and she's just beautiful. I love the black and white GSPs! And she's hell on squirrels, jackrabbits, and water fowl! Loves the hunt!

fred says:

Nice . My brother has a GSP it's black with white under ticking and is the finest GSP I've ever seen.

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