German Shorthaired Pointer showing her fence jumping skills

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1.5 yr old Razzle gets a little excited over the squirrels in the tree then Scout joins in.


Panthers all the great all Ok says:

Do they ever make it OVER the fence?

Peter Sire says:

Can they be trained not to jump the fence? I'd love one but my fence is only 4 foot, a GSP could skip over it :'(

iDropRocks says:

Take me for a long run or bike please!

Garth Downton says:

There are no limits for attempts made in the GSH OLYMPICS !!

Lego Bat says:

That is crazy 😮

Ivonne D' Monsalve says:

my gsp does the same jump O=

MysticIceFeather says:

Cute dog I have a German Shorthaired Pointer her name is Tracker 🐶 and Really Friendly!!! 🙂

Turk 1 says:

I think there's a hot chick that lives at that house. I would do the same thing. So much energy, mine (rest his soul) once ran through a fence and his outline could be seen like a cartoon. Best breed ever!

E. Pontiki says:

Can you imagine the neighbor looking over and seeing the dog staring back lol?

theeachuisge says:

wow are all gsps like this ?

German Pointer Dog says:

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reliable enterprises says:

all fun and games till they get their foot caught in the fence and break their leg… Teach them to hunt to release that energy.

Seymour Dicks says:

what a hyper ass dog lol

mrscout0212 says:

I have a GSP named scout too!!

Iouis TR says:

lol i love gsp 

Linux Jedi says:

these dogs are full of energy i played with mine all the time until i moved and was separated from her, i miss her & the company she kept soooo much

haydn4ever says:

That's hilarious!   I wish mine would jump up and hang on it to see over… two chew the pickets at the bottom and then dig a trench that allows them to have a hole big enough for their heads.  Recently, they decided to make larger trenches and destroyed part of our neighbor's garden on the other side.  We tried chicken wire and metal stakes and wood at the bottom, they still get through.  We just put an electric fence along the bottom after already replacing about 50 pickets and trying everything else.  We purchased the fence with .04 joules, so they may not even feel it.  My breeder said .5 is safe, as does the packaging, but I don't want to go higher than .1.    Not interested in hurting them, just want them to get a tiny zap as a reminder!     They are SO active and we exercise them daily!  They are just too curious for their own good!  They LOVE the squirrels and the birds and are convinced our neighbor has more than we do!  Lol!    Take a look at my page and you can see how active they are at the park.   They NEVER stop…just like your two!!   You have two beautiful GSP's!

23indeed1 says:

whats on the other side of the fence? lol

Cory Mehringer says:

That's an energetic one

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