German Shorthaired Pointer Rizzo at 12 weeks old : Impressive point!

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Rizzo is my 12 week old German Shorthaired Pointer out of Nickel Creek Gun Dogs. This was his first training session with John Augustine. I can’t believe how long he held point with his head held high at such a young age and then to finish it off with a full retrieve bird in hand. I love my German Shorthaired Pointer! Thanks to John Augustine at Nickel Creek Gun Dogs and Kiowa Creek Sporting Club!


Jason May says:

What kennel did the pup come from?

jacobadventures says:

Absolutely incredible! Good looking pup!

Nathan Yeomans says:

Thank you.  There isn't a secret other than good a good dog with a strong hunting line from a reputable breeder.  This was all 100% what God gave this dog.  Best of luck to you!

SoCal Dep says:

Whoa!! Impressive! I'm getting a GSP pup in a few months. I would love for it to be at such a level at that age.
What's the secret?

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