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Grace Jones – German Shorthaired Pointer Residency Puppy Training

Hello, this is Grace Jones. Grace Jones is a five month old German Shorthaired puppy from Winston-Salem, NC. Grace Jones visited us for our puppy board and training program.

The timing for Grace to learn is almost perfect. She is young enough that you can prevent some existing bad behaviors to develop. And, she is old enough to understand what we as owners want and what we do not want. As owners, we have to motivate her in a consistent, positive manner so that she wants to learn. In those instances, that she does not want to obey, she must understand she has to as we are the Leaders of the Pack.

German Shorthaired Pointers are smart dogs. They are hunting dogs that can really hunt anything that you want to hunt. They will run and run all day long. They develop strong bonds with their leaders so they should be socialized early to love and accept everyone. Grace Jones is the epitome of the breed.

In our puppy residency training program here in Winston-Salem, we practice on leash obedience with verbal and hand signals. We work both inside and out. And we try to meld our clients into real life training. They are with me with my pack. They are with me when I am in the office, watching television or reading a book. By doing this they are getting a degree of real life training not available in most board and train programs. We address bad behaviors and encourage/reward good ones.

Our owner will then come out and begin to learn what we have taught. We teach the theory of pack leadership and help them adapt to what they want out of their dog.If we needed, follow-ups will be provided here at no additional charge for the life of the dog.

As happy as Grace Jones is, I guarantee she will be even happier having boundaries established by her family. Why? Because she will know where she fits in her pack. All dogs need boundaries and structure from a consistent leader.

If I can ever answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges Dog Training


booger boog says:

What is she when she is not a dog?

Christoph Dettling says:

Dang that's a beautiful dog

ozgur senturk says:

Can i feed her in a vegetarian diet?

A R says:

You can tell this puppy has already got a good amount of basic training. It would be incredibly helpful to see you work with a dog who isn't familiar with the basic commands, so we can see exactly where to start with our puppies.

roberto posa says:

what the hell o f a training with a young gun dog – he is not an obediance dog – look how unhappy this dog is – change the breed what ever but let the versatile happy energetic gun dogs for the hunters and people who know the breed – you are just making a mess!!!!

Kinder101 says:

what kind of collar is that?

TC NC58 says:

GSPs are great pheasant and grouse dogs, plus they'll retrieve in water.

Jasmine Z. Strokes says:

what do I do to train a 6 week old?

Tyler Chambers says:

youre awesome man great job

JJ says:

I did the same training 25 years ago with my shorthair. Thank you for the video is great and I remember the good time with my pointer. Very complex and clear video. I will give 5+ stars.

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