German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Fun

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Enjoy eight minutes of German shorthaired puppy shenanigans. Fun, fun, fun.


1963JamesT says:

nice looking litter.
Why are there dislikes for every video? don't understand it

Ignorant Persson says:

GSPs get big but they still behave like puppies. loving and playful.

Mike Fleck says:

I am adopting a GSP mixed with a labadoodle tomorrow what types of traits will he have? Similar to the GSP u think?

Mike Fleck says:

Great video. Love your banjo music

Malique Anderson says:

How much do you normally sail them for

Malique Anderson says:

I meant much

Malique Anderson says:

How mich do you sail them for?

Spencerock 20 says:

When I grow up I'm gonna think about getting three pups and raise then into hunting dogs.

Payton Brown says:

I have two gsps names Oliver and Dakota. We’re gonna breed them soon! I can’t wait for puppies.

Alyssa bootsma says:

Do you know anywhere in Ontario I can get one 🐶 they are so cute love them

Ujuani68 says:

The mother is so beautiful!

Spookycat22 says:

I have a German shorthair chocolate lab mix and she is quite a handful! These puppies are so cute

Just a guy on a Honda CB125F says:

Ive got a German Short hair pointer and a French Basset hound, they make quite a pair, my GSP turned twelve this April and the hound four, had them both since they were couple weeks old 🙂

Frank Lowe says:

Where can I buy a puppy like these?!

Emily Alley says:

Cute! Are they good family dogs when trained?

Fernando Godinho says:

Beautiful litter, Paul

frank rodriguez says:

A cómo son , y donde vives gracias

Tim Bergfeld says:

Do you breed gsps I am in the market for a new hunting dog.

Christopher A says:

Makes me want one!

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