German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies 2011

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Burleigh Park German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies, Bella’s first litter.

Music By: Lucy Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams


Xxkingslayer the gamer says:

My dog gave birth to some of these 🙌 yay

ActiveAnimals says:

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this:
My dad found a pointer puppy and I'm considering adopting him. However, I don't want another dog that sheds as much as our last short haired dog (pit type). He assures me that this dog sheds a lot less than the pit mix, but I am wondering if this might simply be due to his puppy coat, and whether he might shed more once he matures.
We don't know the exact age, but he is just starting to lift his leg to pee, so our estimate is around 6 months.
There's a video of him on my channel at in case this helps any.
Note: I'm aware that all short haired dogs shed to some extent, and I don't mind a little bit of hair. I just don't want the insane amounts of hair loss that our oldest dog has.

Fortnite God says:

You know I had one he died last year March 5 days after my house burned down

blob blobby says:

They are the biggest goof balls ever….I'm glad I can take mine with me every day to work 🐶

SmithsnMoz says:

I have a gsp and we plan on breeding him

OBServe Garage says:

My GSP was such a goofy puppy. I miss when she was a puppy. She's almost 7 years old now.

Dougie Barclay says:

LISA Mitchell, not Lucy

BeanieBoo&DogLover says:


Lilly Madison says:

thank you so much for not docking there tails

Ethan Sidwell says:

They are the cutes things

TheLastOf TheYeemoOnes says:

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I have one!!!!!!!!!!😂🐶

Anonymous Lizard says:

I got one ahhhhh there so adorable

Anonymous Lizard says:

I got one ahhhhh there so adorable

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