German Shorthaired Pointer or English Pointer Puppy

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German Shorthaired Pointer or is he English Pointer
Peter Caine Dog Training


Marlon Gutierrez says:

The German pointer came after the pointer also known as the English pointer. Either way if you really want to know do a DNA test. It's very hard to tell the difference between the two. Normally undocked tails give the impression of the English breed but since docking tales is now seen as cruel many breeders don't dock the tail anymore. I own both breeds and they're both equally amazing breeds. Very energetic and superb hunters.

mmalands Allen says:

this is amazing he just got the dog he's coming to you when he hears his name and sits. awesome awesomeness amazing. Peter Caine you blow my mind watching you

mmalands Allen says:

why in the world would somebody put a thumbs down what's not to like about this video. unreal unreal idiot.

loogiemistress says:

Tonka is great for Camo! Oh and so are you 🙂

Francisco Gamez Arcaya says:

You're right Peter!!! The GSP's standard from The Kennel Club (UK): "Colour: Solid liver, liver and white spotted, liver and white spotted and ticked, liver and white ticked, solid black or black and white same variations (not tri-colour)." The AKC standard: "Color: The coat may be of solid liver or a combination of liver and white such as liver and white ticked, liver patched and white ticked, or liver roan. A dog with any area of black, red, orange, lemon or tan, or a dog solid white will be disqualified." Both Tonka and Chemo are awesome!!!

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