German Shorthaired Pointer Learning to use the Stairs

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My 9 week old german shorthaired pointer, Hudson, learning to go downstairs.


E. Pontiki says:

I just want to hug and kiss him!!!!

Deb Strzelecki says:

Oops. Sorry, meant GSHPs. Also love GSDs, anyway the Euro bred ones.

Deb Strzelecki says:

Love GSDs, even tho "my" breed is the Dobie. See a lot of similarities with the 2 breeds. My 4 year old Dobie red boy swam into a pond 2 weeks ago to dispatch a raccoon. Love Euro and German breeds. They are so smart!

Tina Louise Erickson says:

my GPS is about 8 weeks old now and was 6 weeks old when we got him. The second day we had him, he went up the stairs and then jumped down them lol. Scared the crap out of me; was not what I was expecting.

xoxcheerfreak says:

He is adorable! I have two older pointers, love them!

FFFangirl09 says:

"Do you wanna try again?"
Hudson: *whines and it sounds like "No."

Well, I guess there's your answer

rtisi says:

Such a sweetie.

i3536 says:

This is adorable, I cant wait to pick up my little guy in november!

ledzeppelin5893 says:

He is 2 cute! He reminds me of my dog!

KRyann10 says:

Upload more! He's such a cute character.

Howard Tennyson says:

I have little female who could be his twin! Too cute!

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