German Shorthaired Pointer – Dieter obeying a few commands

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Dieter is a 9 week old German Shorthaired Pointer…he knew all of these commands at 7 weeks


ozgur senturk says:

Mine is such a monster. Just want to jump on me and bite me. But he is soo cute😍

Mo Jo says:

What a Good Boy!

Chezza Jones says:

Ours is the same age but i can't get him to lie down, if i motion my hands he thinks i want his paw. keep trying tho as like yours he just wants to learn

tornsoul82 says:

I had a short hair, she would do that stay stuff as well.. I even had her sit and put food on her snout and tell her to stay and walk a few feet away before I told her to get it. They are great dogs, very high energy, but loving and excellent hunters

Brieana Brown says:

hello Dan my name is Jason and i just bought a 9 week old gsp how did you first start training i spent 700 pounds on the little guy and i am willing to work hard with him but i dont want a bad dog

MariaVana says:

They are the worlds smartest dogs I adore them =]

Tormentor says:

Trust me, I'm from Germany, have a GSP myself and know only of two others in my town (90k inhabitants). They are, thankfully, quite rare.

camillekatrina says:

He's a cute little dog boy!

SarahK says:

Great job with the young pup!

egftnh Last says:

shorty with no socks had on dem yoga pants

TheCrazyBlackCat says:

Hahaha you gave him a German name, how cute 🙂 Love your dog!

Ashley McFaull says:

We have a black and white german short haired pointer amazing dog !!! They pick up very quick !!! All I grew up having!!! Ashley cAnada

Dan O'Neil says:

@missy61598 I taught him to target with his nose. Then had him target an obejct on either side of his head

BobtheBobking says:

@danoneil Philly PA

Dan O'Neil says:

@BobtheBobking where do you live?

BobtheBobking says:

@danoneil same here. other than my gsp's mother+ siblings. but his mother just moved so now theres no dogs that can run around as much as him lol

Dan O'Neil says:

@BobtheBobking no not really..iv only come across one other gsp

BobtheBobking says:

are GSP's common where u live?

Harrisonthebrave says:

He is a beautiful clever boy, have lots of fun together x

Dan O'Neil says:

@AUDIEKMILLER if your lucky enough to get one that is very very food motivated like mine you will have no problem training him. Im not even feeding him treats in this video its just his regular dog food. He will do anything for one piece of kibble

MarcusDrall says:

@AUDIEKMILLER My GSP pretty much learned. Show them how to do it. When they do it properly give them a treat, I used Milk Bones with my GSP. I taught him to give paw and shake in about 4 days.

Audiekmiller says:

He is a great dog, we are getting our 7 week old GSP on saturday. What did you use for training techniques? reference books? if you did use any.. Thanks

Dan O'Neil says:

i got him in nova scotia, canada not far from where i live

Kyle Williams says:

also, how do you pronounce the name

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