German Shorthaired Pointer Barks at Hot Food

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His Majesty Hunter requires his food to be cooled before eaten.


Armin Hodjikj says:

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ZacoKick says:

not kiding you dog is the same type and my dog has the 3 big spots on his back and but he also is a brownish black color

Sue Oinas says:

Haha I love how he stomps his feet. Our GSP does that also!

E. Pontiki says:

Cool the man's food down lol

Leverquin says:

do GSP bark a lot? i would like to take one and i live in flat so i just asking because of people in building… other chooise would be Vizsla 😛

Marman says:

I have German shorthaired to and his name is hunter

Dancing Ekaja says:

My pointer barks at his hot food, too! And he won't eat eggs!

Tekhed454 says:

Uhhhh…I'll say….no?

y2keddy says:

neuter your dog…is that better?

Tekhed454 says:

He always gets extra ground that I make. Thus why it is hot.

Tekhed454 says:

He doesn't catch them, but he sure does find a bunch for me to shoot! We have killed probably 300 pheasants, at least that many quail. He's a bird finding machine, and has done things in the field I've not only never seen, but never even heard of.

Tekhed454 says:

He's not broken.

AntMan says:

He better catch birds lol

y2keddy says:

fix your dog

thespianxx says:

Omg, I have a solid GSP and he doesn't bark at his food but he does get upset when his food is too hot lol.

Tekhed454 says:


Thank you! – and yes it is a D10.

Missy Neal says:

aww he's SOO cute!!!!

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