German Shorthaired Pointer & Baby Take a Nap

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German Shorthaired Pointer & Baby Take a Nap


Sergio Domingues says:

I would love to have one, but I'm not because deep inside I know they are to active for my family. A calmer dog would be better for us, we like to be at home

Break Editor says:

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real truth says:

i had one that would watch the kids play ball in the street when it saw a car come she would walk out in the street and stand crosswise and make the car stop then let the car go so it was slowed down it loved kids

SONIA R. says:

Perfect baby…… perfect dog 🙂  Love youuuuu !!!!

TumpyFunket says:

I had a GSP / Springer mix, a wonderful dog. It's been 30 years but I still miss her.

mark chewar says:

My gap would landowners with me from day 1 till she passed away

Matthew Murphy says:

Baby? Isn't that a toddler? Cute though.

Matthew Murphy says:

Baby? Isn't that a toddler? Cute though.

Becca Switzer says:

Hope you don't mind, we're sharing this adorable video on our Facebook fan page "I Love German Shorthair Pointers." 🙂

james hughes says:

Try this put your hand over the video and listern to the mans voice. He sounds like a Pedo!

jeffrey625625 says:

this breed is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT BREED, but they just have unlimited energy that they can't let out

jordanodized says:

Best dogs on earth, they are allways happy, easy to live, but they need activity . I world Nevers

jordanodized says:

Best dogs on earth, they alias

teadasinga says:

Gosh I love absolutely love this….I have a 3 month old spoiled pointer!!!! they are the sweetest!!!!

mPothify says:

German hunting dogs are the best, we have a small Münsterländer which is used as a therapy dog and for hunting.
Little children and disabled people can touch his eyes, nose or pull his tail by accident and he just doesn't care. You don't need to worry that he might bite at all. On the other hand they are excellent for hunting too.
Best character dogs.

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