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Cliff Fleming is an avid trainer of German Shorthaired Pointers and Irish Setters.

Capture your dog and all his sill antics…

Do you run your dog? Get these…


Shayla Johnson says:

Zeke you are amazing for these videos☺

Janeway1269 says:

Zeke you are making me swoon with these videos. THAT is a "red setter." I have to laugh when I look at Irish Setters in Westminster and I hear the announcer talk about what the dogs do or did, as if the conformation I'm seeing in the ring lends itself to any of that. Here we see the curtain hair, domed heads and giraffe necks and other exxagerated features serve no purpose but human whimsies that seem to appease the eye of a tiny circle of people. This field dog, looks like a DOG, and one that is happy doing something active and engaging to his instincts.

This setter Reminds me of the books about Big Red that I used to read as a child, in Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains. I'm a NYC girl but my Oma and Opa retired there. Spent great summers and holidays there, and there were loads of Germanic hunters there. GSPs were actually the dog of the area. It seemed like every other person had them, including German imported Deutsche Kurzhaars, black dogs.

Keep it up Zeke!

Joanne porter says:

1:35 great put together dog

ALI K.A says:

U should do a video about the kangal dog breed

dave Umezawa says:

Great video again zeke. Keep it up👍

Lucy Nyu says:

Field bred is only type of gun dog I buy. I don't like the show/bench type of gun dogs. Great video

benjamin kahae says:

can you do one on the taiwan dog?

Austin G says:

If possible, do a video on either pits, dogo, or American bulldogs as catch dogs working along side hounds and track dogs .. actually showing them work on the catch

Austin G says:

Navy Seal Morgan Luttrell, brother of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell from the movie Lone Survivor owns a German Shorthaired Pointer.. their a rugged breed.

giorgio barillaro says:

I've loved this video, but it was probably the ugliest Irish setter I've ever seen. There should not be 2 blood lines, but only one dog good at work and beautiful

HMT MTH says:

Real Tribute to Working Dogs and Outdoor Lovers ! Thanks.

Dog Lover says:

So happy for an Irish Setter vid! Great video

ShilohWolves 23 says:

I am so excited for August, I am getting a border collie puppy from an amazing breeder, on his mother’s side his grandmother is a champion, his grandfather is an import champion in fact the majority of his mother’s ancestors are champions. On his fathers side his father became a champion before he was even two years old. And every ancestor on his fathers side was a Champion going back 5 generations I don’t just mean show champion either they all have their CGCS titles and many other titles like dock diving, agility, herding, lure cursing, etc. Both the mother and father have all health testing done like hips, collie eye, bear and many more. The mother has good hips and the father has excellent hips and his grandparents on both sides have good to excellent hips as well. I am so excited, this will be my first show/sport dog!

Joe Beezy says:

Enjoyed the video. Simple guy doing good work. Great video!

your baby's mama Sancho .: says:

Zeke you should do a video on hunting with a English pointer the Caddilac of the birddogs!!

Leon Chambers says:

Best bird and smart hunting 🐕

EmilioLV126 says:

Kiera FitzGerald Sounds like your retriever mix is very high spirited

J W says:

It's shame his voice seems to be a little off. Really enjoyed the video regardless, and your channel is just the best bar none.

counselthyself says:

cool, love to see dogs doing what they were designed to do. you should consider doing a vid. on lagotto romagnolos. like a working terrier crossed with a working retriever. air scent, ground scent (including things underground), water retrieve, kind of intense little hunting dogs. brittany (spaniels) would be good too.

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