English Pointer Puppies

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A litter of English Pointer puppies, born March 24, 2007.


Tristan Hewitt says:

I have a 3 yr old pointer that is speckeled like the daddy in the video with an explanation mark on his tail!

hippiegirl666 says:

i love pointers!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're so sweet

silvsification says:

omg theres a vizsla i have a three year lod male vizlsa and his name is riley they are such cute and loving dogs 🙂

horsegirl07 says:

Such cuties!! Miss the pointer I had when I was younger. She was a great dog!

Coater30 says:

How about Darth Vader breathing in the background? haha

Axilleas Giappos says:

check out some pups born a few months ago from my breed

Ashley Albert says:

Love the Vizsla too!

xaethe81 says:

my aunts english pointer cooper is soooooo hyper

Nick Inzerilli says:

These pointers look like the pointer/hound mix i just adopted. Can som1 help. My dog is very agrresive twoards random people and strangers. He is also sometme aggresive twoards my family pm me or just answer please

msandreaj says:

I have 2 English pointer/ Australian Shepherd mixes and they are the best dogs I could have asked for! I would suggust to anyone looking for a dog to seriously think about getting a pointer!

Nick Inzerilli says:

Omg these look like my pointer beagle mix i just adopted. Theyre so cute

abaxteria says:

I've got an 11-year-old pointer/lab and I can attest to the greatness of that breed mix. She's slowing down a bit these days, but forgets her age when she declares it play time. Wonderful beast, she is. Proof of God.

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