English Pointer Hunting Ireland

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Bruno 2012 Roscommon


Muhammad Shehzad says:

common problems with pointers are lack of accuracy of point on the bird. too much sense of sniffing is also a resean for this behaviour.adverse effect is ,hunter can't judge correct direction of flying bird.

Golfgtiguy says:

I have an English Pointer who flushes Grouse quite often while I run the mountains with her .A shame to shoot such a beautiful wild creature .

caesarsun82 says:

the pointer loses the track, braco is better here. What do you have to do to hunt in Ireland?

Ania Loch says:

DO NOT HUNT, just train the dogs there's no need to kill

stevostiglitz says:

good man Bruno ze german and the English were jamming it together deadly boy, nice to see to pointers workin together steady no panic on them.

RoughShootingIreland says:

great video lovely dogs.

snappingkitty says:

…definitely knows his role in hunting. …one shot and he's off collectin', nice!  🙂

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