dogs 101 – german shorthaired pointer

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Zane 800 says:

Witch one should I get a german shorthaired pointer or an australian shepherd just looking for companionship with a little bit of natural protection

conman1111 says:

My service dog is a shorthair and he is a testament to the greatness of this breed.

xoxTaniwolfxox2 says:

My dads friend had a solid liver german short haired pointer named Jimmy, he was almost 20 when he passed. He drove hours up north where they would hunt and buried him, he had him since he was a puppy and he was a real working dog, well trained and a sweet friend who even saved his life before. He was lost in the woods with the dog and it was going to be dark he simply said to the dog, "no more hunting Jimmy, we go home," the dog just lead the way and later on he can see his truck in the distance as the sun was going down. Sadly I never met him but he was a wonderful dog.

Travis Grover says:

We have 2 and they a awesome family dogs

Hunter Shopene says:

i remember my families 18 year old one, she was a good old dog

TromboneIris says:

Could anyone give me a little advice?…
My family is thinking of getting a German Shorthaired Pointer. It would be my running partner and we would run about 2-6 miles. We have three calm cats. Do you think this would be a good dog for us? 
Thanks so much!

Nicole Mikasinovich says:

Have a gsp and lab mix awsome dog definitely has separation anxiety. But this s.o.b. is so smart he figured out how to unlock a padlock to escape his cage. Plus he hates any water that isnt a bath

skateski says:

friend of mine have a mix of GSP&Pointer, it starts moaning 10 secs after my buddy leaves, seems to only be interested in running and walking in the forest or playing with her real daddy. She accepts me and grreets me but almost never follow my verbal commands however if I drag och point her in a direction she follows and generally she cooperates when I handle her. She is a dog that is only funny for her owner IMHO.

ChloeBecknerVlogs says:

I have a coonhound and German shorthair mix and she's wild. She's 1 year old and she jumps all over and greets you at the door and will kiss you on the face by jumping so high. She's a cutie but a stinker. We live on big land so she runs all over the place.

Scrimbo says:

All dogs are different. My pointer is fairly a little retarded lol. She is the best dog ever though, and has her very smart moments. She doesn't bark or lick, which is awesome! She is still learning how to be an actual dog, we are still trying to teach her how to play. We bought her so many toys and stuffed animals, she never played with them. a couple weeks ago we found out she loves feather dusters to death. After a year of owning her lol. She's a weird one, but my baby! Pointers are the best!

elly green says:

The only down fall to having a German short haired pointer is the amount of vacuuming you have todo 😂

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