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English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel belongs to the large Spaniel family of dogs, traditionally used in the hunting of different kinds of prey. The English Cocker Spaniel is a part of the smaller land Spaniel family, which is further divided into Springers and Cockers. Springers were used for springing game, while Cockers were experts in hunting woodcocks. Springers and Cockers were considered part of the same group and were born in the same litter till the 1890s when the two were identified as separate breeds, with the initial differentiation done on the basis of size. Land Spaniels smaller than 25 pounds were designated as Cocker Spaniels. In the next few years, the bloodlines were refined and selectively bred by Spaniel enthusiasts. Crossbreeding between Cockers and Springers was subsequently stopped, and the weight criterion was eventually done away with. The English Cocker Spaniel, which became extremely popular in England, was modified by American breeders, even though the English and the American varieties were considered the same breed till 1936. The American Kennel Club recognized the English Cocker Spaniel as a separate breed in 1946.

Time for some Ruff Trivia:
– How does the English Cocker Spaniel compare to the American Cocker Spaniel in terms of size?
o A: The English Cocker Spaniel is larger
o B: The American Cocker Spaniel is larger
o C: Both are of the same size
What do you think, give it your best guess in the comments below before we get to the answer! Hang on tight and we’ll get back to this Ruff Trivia Question toward the end of the video.

The adult male of the breed has a height of 16 to 17 inches, and weight of 28 to 34 pounds. The female’s height is between 15 and 16 inches, and weight between 26 and 32 pounds. A notable feature of the dog that differentiates it from the American variety is its longer muzzle. Ears are lobed and, when pulled, extend slightly beyond the nose. The coat is flat or wavy, of medium length and silky to touch. Colors seen are black, liver, red, golden, sable, silver, ash, black and tan, liver and tan, blue roan, liver roan and orange roan. These colors are present with black or brown pigmentation in some dogs.

Grooming: The English Cocker’s coat requires more care than most other breeds. Apart from brushing 2 to 3 times a week, hair on the head, ears and around the feet and tail require periodic clipping. Because of this, many owners prefer employing a professional for their dog’s grooming. The long ears also require extra care to prevent infection. Clipping of nail and brushing of teeth are other parts of the grooming regimen.

Environment: An English Cocker is great for the family as it gets along well with children, adults, dogs and other pets. It is known for its merry nature, constantly wagging its tail. It is also known for being extremely loyal, and can get attached to its owner. Its sensitive nature makes it prone to depression if treated harshly or if left alone for long hours.

Training: The English Cocker Spaniel is one of the more intelligent dog breeds, and can be trained easily. It is an athletic breed, and requires a long walk on leash or a good game in the yard everyday.

Health: The life expectancy of the breed is 12 to 14 years. Cancer is a high cause of death, like in the case of many purebred dogs. Some other common health issues are skin allergies, cataracts, deafness and benign tumors. Hip dysplasia, kneecap dislocation and heart murmurs are seen occasionally.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, merrily joining you in your activities – whether working in the field or lounging in your living room. Just be willing to devote the time required to help it maintain its beautiful coat.

Find out if the English Cocker Spaniel would be a good addition to your home. Now you can visit Brooklyn’s to take our quiz and find out which dog would be the best match for you.

Let’s get back to the answer to our Ruff Trivia Question. One of the key differences between the English and the American Cocker Spaniels is in terms of size. The English is generally larger than its American cousin.

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Vanessa Montez says:

I love my cocker spaniel 💕 I’m a college student and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him so much !!!!

GA CK says:

Mine is my best friend I love him so much

Omar Meza says:

Either my cocker spaniel mixed or idek cause he’s small to medium weighs 20 pounds but doesn’t look as big as the ones in the pics

MrWiggles Freeman says:

My English cocker died of liver failure in 2016

Super Captain Lyall Man says:

I honestly don't like the look of the American ones. They have squished faces and it's going near pug territory. The English one will always be the best

Monsieur Candie says:

i love my cocker so so so much!! he s my best pal…!!! he changed my life forever and i am so grateful of his love, he chose me amongst all my whole family!!! .. maybe its kinda mean to say but i love him more than my silbings and parents

Cap Sherif says:

I love you Rocky wish you feel happy with me

eddie pendel says:

I have a English Cocker Spaniel: It is the smartest and warmest dog I have ever known.

HIKIKOMORI compilation says:

R.I.P violet your human will always love you.

amelia heeds vlogs says:

I just got a cocker spaniel puppy so this is very helpful thanks

Jaelyn Kriegl says:

I have two English Cockers. They are considered lemon roans.

A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es says:

I love my English Cocker Spaniel!

Random Doggo says:

Love my cocker spaniel she is the best her name is Anna and she is silly😛

Ashton The American Cocker Spaniel Dog says:

We have an American Cocker. Great dogs. Check out my vids of our dog!

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