Dog Breed Name Cross Reference part 10-N,O

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Dog Breed Name Cross Reference
Part 10 — N,O

Navarra Pointer or Perdiguero Navarro
Nenets Herding Laika or Samoyeds
Nippon Terrier or Japanese Terrier
Nordic Spitz or Norbottenspets
Normalgrosse Teckel or Dachshunds
Norsk Buhund or Norwegian Buhund
Norsk Elghund (gra) or Elkhounds
Norsk Elghund (sort) or Elkhounds
Northeastern Sleigh Dog or Northeasterly Hauling Laika
Norwegian Elkhound or Elkhounds
Norwegian Hound or Duncker
Norwegian Puffin Dog or Lundehund
Norwegian Sheepdog or Norwegian Buhund
Ogar Polski or Polish Hound
Old Country Bulldog or American Bulldog
Old Danish Pointer or Old Danish Bird Dog
Old English Mastiff or Mastiff
Old English White or American Bulldog
Old Spanish Pointer or Perdiguero Navarro
Ormskirk Heeler or Lancashire Heeler or Ormskirk Terrier
Osterreischer Glatthaariger Bracke or Austrian Brandlbracke
Osterreischer Kurzhaariger Pinscher or Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher
Otterhound or Wetterhoun
Ovtcharka de Russie Meridionale or South Russian Owtcharka


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