Diving German Shorthaired Pointer

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Cookie – 11 month old diving under water to retrieve toy.


Cracker T says:

That was very impressive.

Foxx Pools by Charles Burger says:

Love this! Our GSP Milo dove in our pool 1st week we had him , we thought he fell in pool but he was chasing a bull frog!!! These dogs are awesome breed and love to see people who let dog enjoy themselves and have fun!!

XxLoneWolfxXBLMP says:

this is so cute

ileaddeaths says:

god i love this breed. ive fallen in love with them since i bought one. truely versatile


I like…but not dangerous?

45.5.56 7.62 says:

Greatest dogs there are.
Hunting son's of guns!

Tintin P says:

GSPs are the best..so smart and so versatile! <3

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Glenn D'Abreo says:

I have two. I will never have any other breed. and I will always rescue them.

Breaking Cycles says:

These dogs are just amazing. They do everything. Hunt, point, retrieve. The most well-rounded dog breed ever.

Jon Murgatroyd says:

Got a big g.s.p, will do same, wait for the vet bill with his ears. take care, they are great dogs XXX

Cory R says:

Awesome dog and she calls him cookie, lol.

Brandi Mathis says:

Poor puppy. I doubt the chemicals in the pool feel good.

Ian Mills says:

You are going to kill him their not suppose to go under water

Bryce Moore says:

Can dogs get swimmers ear too?

Michael K says:

Most intelligent dogs 🙂

I AM DOKA says:

I have the same she is a puppy and supper cute!!!!

LegendWine AndACDC says:

The most epic thing I've seen on youtube!

Julie says:

I Love this breed & God they crack me up!

easytoslip says:

phew, maybe a rest after that second retrieval, takes a lot of energy to get to the bottom of the pool from a straight water-tread, versus a dive or jump that has momentum behind it

FerFer1958 says:

really amazing. how does he knows if he can't even see it? beautiful dog.

Rob Puzycki says:

leave it to the germans to make such a perfect breed. love mine and he is so intelligent it is beyond me.

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