Burgos Pointing Dog (Perdiguero de Burgos) – Dog Breed

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The Burgos Pointing Dog initially appeared in the Spanish town Burgos in the early XVI century. It is believed that it was developed from such native breeds as the Perdiguero Navarro (the Old Spanish Pointer) and the Sabueso Espanol. Some dog’s experts propose that the breed can be attributed to the newly invented since it was originally referenced in written sources only in 1808.

No matter when the Burgos Pointing Dog was bred for the first time it was honed over generations to become an outstanding sporting breed. Throughout its history it was mostly used to hunt deer. Fairly recently it has been adapted to point and retrieve smaller quarry, for example a hare, a quail and a partridge. The dog is extremely tenacious in its pursuit and possesses an excellent scenting ability. From the first impression it may seem somewhat clumsy but it’s actually able to move really fast and to easily overcome rough and hilly terrain. This docile breed also frequently plays a role of a family dog in its native country.

The population of the Burgos Pointing Dog shrunk significantly in the 30s of the XIX century when Spain was involved in the civil war. Apart from obvious hardships of the war time that influenced dogs as well as humans best specimens of this breed were also exported in numbers to Germany. Consequently by the late 60s of the XX century the Spanish Canine Society registered approximately dozen Burgos Pointing dogs each year. Moreover these dogs were of inadequate quality due to their heavy inbreeding.


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