Breed All About It – German Shorthaired Pointer

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Created as a multi-purpose hunting dog, the German
Shorthaired Pointer is able to point birds, retrieve in water, and track game.
These canines are an athletic, healthy breed full of endless energy.


Kenneth Peckinpaugh says:

I just got one from hurricane Harvey. I've had her for 3 days she is so smart. love her a true rescue dog.

Bae Bae-K says:

It looks like I would love the dogs but they seem to active for me. I have epilepsy so I can't be to active

Shehzad Shams VLOGS says:


Garth Downton says:

Are they protective ? They look so powerful . Also are they dog friendly !

Kb180g says:

Our male GSP is very intelligent, calm & Never barks! We let him run off leash at the beach every other day.

Crybaby Puppy says:

I This is vary helpful but I would still let this breed around kids only as a puppy so it couldn't hurt anyone. And I'm confused about the breed I'm concerned about this video because different videos and networks r telling me and other people different than what I'm hearing here. I'm confused about the breed because the different networks said it was a VERY Healthy dog with little health problems. So can someone help me because I'm thinking of getting one and I just want to make sure I'm getting good and REAL FACT'S. So I don't get a dog and say WHY DID I GET THIS!? Just asking

EllysaE says:

very graceful dog.

St John Smythe says:

Enjoyed the video but thumbs down because of the pinch collar on the GSP at the end. This shows as a handler, you've failed.

Maggie & Carleigh says:

I have had a German short haired pointer for 11 years and not once has she ever bitten someone. I disagree with your comment

tornsoul82 says:

i disagree with playing to rough have had german shorthair most all my life, none of them were ever rough, unless you count their energy of bouncing all over the place rough..

CJP 623 says:

I love GSP's. Very beautiful dogs with a unique coat.

goldfever1 says:

These dogs are hard to tire out. I bike with mine (it's easier to tire her because I can go faster), do retrieving games, do nose training (hiding bird wings in a field), and various other hunting/fun games all in the same day. On average I spent 2-3 hours exercising her a night and it is exhausting. If I don't, then she'll be a destructive little terror. I love my dog, but damn, some days I just want to give her a benadryl and relax – I don't do that, but just saying sometimes it feels that way. I hear people tell me about their hyper dogs and I just laugh because I have yet to find one that's even close to a GSP other than another GSP. I actually have volunteered to exercise a friend's dog who he complained was too hyper – it was a lab mix or something – and it lasted about an hour before it was cashed for the night and my dog was just looking at her like "that was just the warm-up, why are you quitting?" Between work, school, making dinner, and playing with her, there is about zero down time.

Now I'm not just complaining, I actually have a reason for saying all this. I see a lot of people posting about how they want a GSP after watching these videos because they're cute and look fun or whatever and I just think a lot of people don't realize what they're getting in to with them. A lot of GSP's end up in animal shelters because it takes a certain type of person to handle them and many people can't keep up. I knew what I was getting into before I got one because I've grown up around them, but I just wanted to offer a real perspective. I just think everyone should know that if you want to own one, be prepared to commit at least 2 hours a day to VIGOROUS exercise – which means running (them, not you) or sprinting, as a 30-60 minute walk isn't even a warm up for these dogs. They're born runners built for spending 8-12 hours in a field running and hunting. If you can do that, then you'll have a wonderful dog that is smart, easy to train, very affectionate (they think they're 50-60lb lap dogs), loyal, fun-loving, funny, and everything you can want.

Toni Krvavica says:

omg every black german pointer looks the same. each of them reminds me of my Charlie

MrSageflyfisher says:

I had a German Short-hair back in the early nineties named Bruno. I used to call him Bozo he was a quite a dog, he was very smart and funny and very high energy. I would put a harness on him and he could pull me right along on skis. He thought he was a sled dog and would get very excited when he saw the harness. I did take him grouse hunting, and to the lake to swim but never used him on water fowl. Thanks for sharing brings back memories. Cheers

Graham Waldron says:

What on earth is the collar on the dog in the last few seconds. It looks like spikes facing the throat. I hope not? (Time 2.43)

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