Bird Dogs Afield visits Sarah Conyngham and her Brittany spaniels

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Bird Dogs Afield visits pro-trainer Sarah Conyngham and her Brittany spaniel pointing dogs.


Gerard Haines says:

I've owned Brittany Spaniels (yes, I said "Spaniels") for 4 decades of my life and there were a lot of good takeaways from this video. Beautiful Britts, good trainer.

Uintabri says:

Small game bird hunting is way better than big game because of the dogs alone.

rwrench rwrench says:

What purpose does the bell serve. I have a  problem where my dog runs too far out beyond my sight. He has run onto property where he is not supposed to be. He always circles around and catches up with me but it is definitely not cool for him to take off. He is a 7 year old Brittany male.

papahariss says:

hi, what bird do you flush? my brit is really steady pointing on quail but very very nervous on grey partridge that i hunt.. some times she doesn't even stop. as soon as she gets the bird on her nose 80-90 % is flushed.. but i am telling you on quail is really steady.. also, she is 16 months old.. can you give an advise.. thank you

Wolf Gang Boy Patterson says:

I love the Britts, I’ve had 2. I have a shorthair now that I just ran into but definitely would like another Britt.

Amelia Riutort says:

I just got a Brittany and im soooooo happy!

Brian Kavanagh says:

they can certainly tell by the way they read the scent that they are wet, and will fly poorly on the flush

Bak Draft says:

@ 6:13 . I like how you walked in facing the dog on point…Bad habit to walk in from behind- imho

Ryan Amato Keller says:

Sarah do you recommend anybody in Virginia for training?

thomas gunnell says:

outstanding!love it!

David C says:

Dave and Sarah trained my English pointer . they have done a great job with my pointer. she is a brag dog now! if you need a dog trained right . give them a call.

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