Ben the German Shorthaired Pointer climbs Monkey Bars and does more Crazy Tricks!

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Andy Roberts says:

Wow Ben is so good

Christof Classen says:

Pls, next not so loud Music !

micah ballenger says:

his tail looks really short. Do they usually dock them that short.

caleb aucoin says:

Looks and sounds like me car commercial lol.


When a dog has bigger ball than you, literally and metaphorically.

ztcone says:

smartest and easiest dog to train I have every owned, taught mine to roll over in less than hour. She was 7 at the time. You can teach an old gsp new tricks

Ivonne D' Monsalve says:

I have a gsh and she untrainable, she has sooo much energy!!! but we love her and sometime she drives us crazy

Des P says:

I have a shorthaired as well, he's mixed with an australian shepherd but looks just like a shorthaired.
How the heck did you train your dog to jump over those beams in the last sequence?

Rolling Thunder says:


MysticIceFeather says:

I have a FSP

The Almost Happy Camper says:

I have to German Shorthairs and an older German Shorthair Dalmatian mix…… they all amaze me daily

Ty Criner says:

This is the best trainer I have ever seen! My friends dog Beau was trained by him and I am alway's in awwww by Beau's abilities!!!

bena berry says:

dog parkour

sidehatch69 says:

Excellent training

brian parlow says:

I have a puppie short haired germen point er

RedBunny says:

Why is the dog missing the tail, please tell me you didn't do that on purpose…

Blakrex says:

How do you keep his nails so nice? Mine has so much constant energy he keeps them short, sometimes on the verge of too short.

The Working Canine says:

That's a nice and bad-ass dog.

PaigeyPoo13 Bro says:

I had a German short hair pointer and I don't like that your making your dog do this, its so mean. Bode was my German short hair pointer he died from his stomach turning.

Troy Power says:

I have a two year old German Wirehaired Pointer, thanks for posting this video, fantastic! True that these dogs have very strong instincts that involve their nose and prey drive, but, just as intense as they do that they can do just about anything in the hands of the right trainer…I'm just starting to be able to do a few things with my dog, its up to the owner, these are tremendous dogs with great attributes! I'm going to try agility training for sure, my dog is quite the athlete, our days start with a 7 km full out run for him and full out pedal for me on my bike, he's super focused on that run which showed me how easily that focus can be re-directed to the task at hand. Thanks for the video, this dog is wonderful and your achievements with him are commendable, I really enjoyed it!

DancingQueen117 says:

amazing !!!

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