BE PREPARED TO FALL IN LOVE! Clicker Training a German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy – 8 weeks old!

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Our 8 week old GSP Puppy showing how biddable and keen he is to learn and point naturally.


Jcap42 says:

Great GSP. I just put my best friend down. Timber in all reality taught me to hunt.

pete malelis says:

Yes as the other comment stated be careful encouraging grabbing after the point. He should learn that he cannot catch it or may severely harm his pointing instinct. Mark the point not the grabbing.

Nicholas Christophorou says:

The kurzhaar is a point dog…
when you throw the toy at start it point's and next it retrieves, BUT if you leave the dog grab the toy that it point's you may ruin the point instict!!! So.. if you want to keep the point action you have to pull the toy when the dog try to grab it, next wile in point position and steady you grab the toy and leave the dog to grab it trough your hand!!!

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