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The honour of creation of the only Argentinean canine variety belongs to a passionate hunter and dog lover, Antonio Nores Martinez and partially to his younger brother Agustin. His inspiration was to produce a dog that would be able to hunt down and restrain such perilous beasts as wild boar, jaguar and puma. Antonio also wanted it to have sufficiently stable and friendly personality to become a reliable family companion. As a basis of their breeding program he and his brother chose the now-extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog that was a fierce and courageous white hunting dog native to Spain. They acquired ten high-quality Cordoban bitches and mated them with carefully selected 9 males of other breeds: Dogue de Bordeaux, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Old English Bulldog, Great Dane, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Irish Wolfhound, English Pointer, and Spanish Mastiff. The resulting dog was a smart, nimble, strong pack hunter, which stood out for very few intrinsic aggressive issues with both humans and other types of pets.
Soon the Dogo Argentino attained local recognition for its incredible hunting skills and stamina. It’s capable of tracing a wild animal across huge distances, driving it into a corner and then fearlessly assault and seize in its mortal grip. After that the hunter usually arrives and finishes off the wounded prey. This dog can pick up a tremendous speed for short spans of time but it tends to cover vast territories at a light trot.


Bibiana LUCAS says:

am from argentina ,,I LOVE DOGOS !

Connor wants Khabib in Russia Dana whit says:

Dogo the Greatest Dog I've ever been around. Big suck in the house and very easy to train. But I can also see how it can take down a 300 pound boar. I've owned a 180 pound malamute x wolf a 150 Rotti and 85 pound super athletic Pit and none could keep up with the 110 pound female Dogo I have not for strengh or speed. Dogo are honestly super dogs

Dogo Power says:


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