Amazing Dog Tricks by Morgan the English Pointer

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Vladimir Pindyk says:

Умничка! Красавчик!

Harry Balls says:

I used to have a dog exactly like this one, his name was "Max"…The most loyal dogs on Earth

ginzod says:

This is an excellent dog………worth the moneyy

Richard Jones says:

beautiful work he's a beautiful example of the breed btw whats the track if ok to ask

olga stöger says:

I had a pointer 10 years ago.When he died I never wanted an other dog again.They are phantastic dogs !

Zuhra Arabians says:

What a good boy!!  Love Morgan, he's gorgeous!

Ronald McDonald says:

I have 3 pointers they are so cute!

Super Sam says:

Great job- adorable!

Honorthedog says:

Very cute video. I love your pointer, he reminds me of mine. Check him out if you want.

Golfgtiguy says:

Well done Morgan .A lovely dog .Is he an American ,English Pointer ? I'm on my second English pointer living here in Ireland .Here they seem to have a smaller head but same dog and instinct to hunt .;-)

Henry Redmond says:

Wonderful work with a great looking boy

Juliette Roux-Merveille says:

That's AMAZING! I have a rescued Brittany/Setter mixed, and I couldn't find people like me who wanted to train a different breed than a Border Collie or an Aussie, and I couldn't find hunting dogs on youtube, but here it is! 😀
You can check out our videos too if you want 🙂

Emilia Kula says:

beautiful video. Great job.

life with keira and luci says:

I have a English pointer called dave he has just turned 1 and he can do a lot of tricks

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