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English Mastiffs have been bred for years to be estate guardians. Many of our homes today can’t be classified as estates, but English mastiff is still great as a home guardian. In addition to their guarding skills, the breed is an amazing family companion. Like most Mastiff breeds they are aloof and sound. The breed makes a great pet so long as you have, the space or patience for such a large dog.


Aneelia B says:

"He's kinda been my bestfriend"😭

Conan Seibel says:

This is my dogs twin! Cash and Carl.👍🏼


Thats a very well put together mastiff good job on keeping him fit.👍🏼

Shaun P says:

My mastiff loves to play soccer. It's hilarious

Gabriel defarias says:

Which is better-The bull mastiff or the english mastiff? I love both breeds, but I have to narrow it down to only one.Please leave an answer?

RealSteelJyn says:

Awesome job brother.. Love how healthy and happy he looks

יכין ינקלביץ says:

He look amazing for an English mastiff. Still young

Madeline Polkowski says:

If there was enough time in the week all my dogs and all my parents dogs would eat human food not dog food .my first dogs were beishone friesays they were named Hudson Wiget Polkowski and Mia Deamore Leflore Polkowski.🍏🍏🍏🍏🍌🍌🍌🍌

Madeline Polkowski says:

The best thing that you need to feed your dog is more people food than dog food

Marcia Myers says:

Best dogs ever!

Mountain Dew says:

my dad and I are thinking about getting one any tips on how to train them

Andrew Gonzales says:

Thank you for this!!! I'm in training as well. I have a 3month old English mastiff. This was very helpful

Can Sezer says:

Is huuch this breed ?

Sipho Mkhwanazi says:

This dog looks like a Boerboel to me.. Not English Mastiff..

Tony Tanti says:

This dogs balls weigh more than my dog

Doctor George says:

the dog has its tongue out and drooling like crazy

Uther MacEanruig says:

Dude you have no clue. When you have had a few more Mastiffs under your belt, you’ll have some experience to draw from.

kron tlou says:

My English mastiff is 17 months right now weighs about 130 and want to keep him lean like this one. Cash is beautiful

chandeep1981 singh says:

Happy to hear a good master with a very good understanding with his dog , I too have a 21 months old EM , with a same body structure & we are very happy with our EM.

Dualine Vuare says:

12:0112:13 is my favourite

John Figueroa says:

The little pitbull mix was interesting. I heard of that mix but never seen it.

northerntraveller says:

I had a Canary Mastiff sweetest girl you would ever want to meet, she loved everyone and got along with every dog she met. Sadly she passed Nov. 16/17, I still cry buckets every day missing her and looking at her picture and resting place out back under the tree.

Steve McQueen says:

terrible nutrition advice, Mastiffs do not do well on high protein diets

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